Pina is the handicraft of a young, dynamic and zestful team of four, who are tired of the big city life and long for the shade of trees, and finally decides to put away their careers and embrace olive trees, a way of life that they have been longing for long time.

The team is fond of music, art, sea and nature. It’s roots go back to Mediterrannea; to green and blue. It believes in the necessity of different thinking in the path of being special and creating something special. It has started its journey with a vision to make fundamental changes by blending different ideas with creativity, quality and nature and while doing this they enjoy the life. TEAM takes sides with gracious, friendly, helpful souls, therefore Pina is dedicated to all these beautiful people.

Pina’s labels has become so alive with the magical drawings of the famous comic strip writer Suat Gönülay and illustrator Esin Özbek who peps up everything with her cosy colors. And the design of the labels belongs to talented designer Özkan Purde.