Pina Early Harvest is a gift from nature with unique taste. It is produced in October before the olives are matured and when they are at their prime. It’s organoleptic properties are much richer and more aromatic when compared to olive oil made of ripe olives. It’s fruitiness, peppery and bitterness are more distinct. This cold pressed olive oil, is always protected in dark glass bottles to ensure it keeps its properties and long life. It’s much richer in polyphenols, which are known as antioxidant and to reduce the risk of cancer, thanks to the timing of harvest.



Pina Classic is extracted from olives which are matured by the North- East winds of Ayvalık. It promises you an amazing taste with incredible scent and perfectly smooth aroma. It’s most palatable, all natural olive oil for cooking and more.



Delice is a wild olive tree which hasn’t been grafted. It is never pruned, grows naturally and always remains untouched. Pina Delice is an unusual olive oil with its purity and cleanness. Delicately hand picked and extracted, coming from the heart of nature.